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They are integral part of our vision to recognize and identify entrepreneurial skills and be part of our focused community.
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About Us

Our Vision /Mission


Established in 2013, a small start up company with big ideas. Our simple ideas that transformed into great innovative solutions.

Our challenge was to develop and implement a sustainable process for loyalty management for external as well as internal customers.

The problem

We redefined the meaning of “loyalty”! Today the term “loyalty” is commonly perceived as a marketing tool to attract customers to a particular store or brand and to entice them to buy more and earn points in return. Ideally it should be termed “sales points” and not “loyalty points”.

By joining a loyalty scheme a customer is “unsuspectingly” bound by several terms and conditions of use in order to qualify what the customer had rightfully “earned” for shopping at that particular store.

To become a Loyalty Member a customer has to meet several pre-conditions like, subscription fee, join a bank and get the co-branded card, always maintain a specific amount in points else stand to lose them all. Redemption conditions so on and so forth.

Furthermore loyalty currently is store-centric, which means the membership cannot be used elsewhere.

The solution

CH17 Loyalty has broken all barriers in the loyalty sphere. We have brought in a completely new eco-system to manage and implement different schemes that suites best for buyer as well as the seller.

The challenge

We introduced “One Card Multiple Services” a concept that fits the customer and the retailer / merchant. Managed and implemented by an independent company such as ours.

Retailers or merchants join for Free!! Corporates or companies pay as per each enlisted staff member.

We made it simple. That’s our success story

For more details about our programs, please write to info@ch17.lk

CH17 Loyalty Cards (Schemes)

FITIS, the apex body of the ICT sector covering all major industry segments such as Hardware, Software, Training & Education, Communication and Professional. FITIS which has been actively contributing towards changing the landscape of Sri Lankan ICT industry during last two decades has many “firsts” and “bests” to its credit.
We at CH17 Loyalty is proud to be a part of FITIS Member Privilege Program
RDAEA Executive
One of the most influential state sector professional team responsible for today’s network of roadways And highways. Development of roads and highways has seen un unprecedented improvement within the Past decade or so. Maintence and managemenet a herculean task performed to perfection.
Nurses’ Card
Loyalty program introduced to recognize the services rendered by all nurses who have been serving dedicatedly towards the elimination of Covid 19
Special privileges & loyalty discounts for uber staff & riders managed by Ch17
The Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA)
The apex body for the medical professionals in Sri Lanka, will introduce a program to appreciate the services rendered by the healthcare professionals and all other support staff both medical and non-medical to combat the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic.
Sri Lanka Retailers Association
one of the dynamic retail business communities in the retail trade. Most of them are the oldest and largest to the recent most and popular brands form SLRA
SME Privilege
The sector with the highest per capita GDP versus per capita. Over a million formal and informal entities across the length and breath of the country.
Ransalu Pranaama
Our flagship Loyalty program exclusively for the employees in the Apparel Sector. This program was launched in 2013. Sri Lanka Apparel is the single largest industrial employer in the country. We are delighted to be serving this important and dynamic sector for more than 6 years!
Perks @ Work
A scheme designed and developed for the staff and employees in the private and corporate world. This scheme is recommended as a platform to reward and recognise the workforce for their contribution towards the company’s growth and stability
Browns Group
A customized co branded corporate privilege card that carry many social benefits and privileges to the company’s workforce. It’s the employees proud possession and motivational initiative, the employees will treasure
International Forum for Teachers
In recognition of the services rendered to the education sector, the privileged IFT card has its many administrative user benefits as well as personal privileges
The group we all treasure to be in, our past friends will be friends forever. One of many ways to thank your Alma Mater for you being who you are today. It is the OBA’s Membership ID, plus a card that gives the membership many privileges to serve their livelihood.
IT/BPM the buzz words in the business and professional community in Sri Lanka. The Sector that is the fastest growing in terms of industry worth, professional individuals, revenue to the state through knowledge sharing and many other internet of things
The oldest golf course in the South Asian region boasts of more than a century of existence. The scenic landscape that has the perfect turf for both the professionals and amateurs alike. It has drawn international attention for the beauty of its landscape – a proud legacy!
Gateway College

CH17 Co-Branded Bank Cards (Schemes)

Ransalu Pranaama - CBOC
COMBANK Co-branded (Ransalu) Debit card exclusively for employees in the apparel sector. Unlike any other debit cards, Ransalu Debit cards gives dual merchant benefits and discounts right throughout the year. Ask for your Debit Card now from the nearest Commercial bank Branch Manager
As an entrepreneur a bank card facility is indeed a must. CH17 Loyalty has developed a card exclusively for SMEs with B2B services and B2B facilities. Produce your CH17 Loyalty Card and ask for a Cobranded SME Card from the nearest Commercial Bank Manager now
Nuwara Eliya Golf Club Card – Be privileged to carry Sri Lanka’s first Sports Branded MasterCard International Credit Card from Commercial Bank. Elegantly designed and a smart card only a golfing enthusiast will treasure its value. These cards are accepted worldwide with a host of benefits from MasterCard international services Packed with privileges both home and abroad, flash them at some of our reputed retailers and earn the respect and recognition – a high-net client would cherish.
MotorPlus - CBOC
Every Motorist with a Sri Lanka Insurance Motor Policy will be entitled to a co-branded MasterCard Credit card from Commercial Bank. The card gives you the ease of paying your premiums on 3/6/12 monthly installments interest free plus a host of merchant benefits in the automotive trade
Multi Currency Travel Card - BOC
Bank of Ceylon’s Multi Currency Traveler’s Card (MCTC) is a companion you should never miss when you plan to travel overseas. Load your MCTC in local currency and withdraw the currency of that country you are in. They are in the UK, USA, the Europe, Japan and Australia.
SL Gem & Jewellery Association - CBOC/UPI
This affinity card for the Gem and Jewelry industry is yet another first by Union Pay International in Sri Lanka. SLGJA Membership has obtain this co-branded card from any of the Commercial Bank branches nearest to you.
Ransalu Pranaama - UPI
Union Pay International’s Debit Card issued by Commercial Bank is affiliated to Sri Lanka Apparel’s Ransalu Privilege Program. This Debit/Credit card is exclusively for employees in the apparel trade.
Ransalu Pranaama - HNB
HNB VISA Debit is the latest to enter the Apparel Sector Ransalu Privilege program. Employees in the Apparel Sector with Salary accounts with HNB will be entitled to HNB Ransalu cobranded card. Check with the Manager of the nearest HNB Branch.

Our Projects


Incentives motivate employees.

It helps to change the way they think, work and act. With our unique rewards program, we facilitate your company in what it takes to inspire your employees Successful employee programs revolve around one essential thing: J A community of Happy employees.

Our programs are designed to suit the needs of your employees and their family! We have taken that burden off your shoulders This program inculcates in the minds of your employees a sense of belonging to the organization they work for and feel appreciated. Let’s talk nitty-gritties and we can tailor make a program that will suite not only the employee but the company as well.

2. Employee Welfare – Ransalu Pranaama

It is our flagship program on its fifth year!

Over a hundred thousand of industry skillset on a single platform yet distinctly different to those in other companies within the same industry. Sri Lanka Apparel – the single largest industrial employer in the country with over 350,000 employees of various skill and expertise. They form the single largest foreign exchange earner of finished products to the international market.

Ransalu Pranaama is a joint exercise between the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the Joint Apparel Association Forum (JAAF) the apex body of the industry. Ably executed by CH17 Loyalty. Over several hundred thousand consumer products, across several retail sectors and more than a hundred retailers island-wide. Single largest Employee Welfare Program dedicated to those who have contributed so much for the industry in particular and the country in general.

3. Entrepreneurs of Sri Lanka! – Micro Small and Medium

A program dedicated to develop and strengthen grass root entrepreneurship, access to new market, smart technological support and a platform to meet the growing needs of effective marketing techniques.

A combined effort with the Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL) to support the District Chambers of Commerce and Agriculture(DCC) to get their membership into the mainstream of business processes alongside major retailers.

Development of marketing software to better manage sales, distribution, finance management and banking services are some of the highlights of the program. Access to all of the above services at the least cost to the micro and small entrepreneurs.

4. SPORTS & Recreation

First to introduce a Sports Branded hybrid bank card for the Nuwara Eliya Golf Club (NEGC) Membership in collaboration with Commercial Bank of Sri Lanka and MasterCard International. For those seeking the ultimate in recognition and worldwide service – The Golf Card is a symbol of Class and Status. Packed with privileges both home and abroad, flash them at some of our reputed retailers and earn the respect and recognition – a high-net client would cherish.

5. IT/BPM Sector

Fast catching up to the 4th slot as the largest export earner of foreign exchange revenue to the Government of Sri Lanka. The only knowledge based sector which is a thrust industry within the National Export Strategy (NES) focusing on enrolling nearly 200,000 engineers bound to rake nearly US$ 5 Billion in revenue by 2020.

In recognition of the employees in the IT/BPM Services, the industry apex body SLASSCOM (Sri Lanka Association of Software and Services Companies) together with CH17 will introduce an industry specific Employees Privilege Card to help them meet their day to day needs and those of their families.

6. SMART Travel Card- Co branded with CH17 loyalty

Bank of Ceylon the product owner of the Multi Currency Travelers Card (MCTC) will introduce for the first time a service ideal for the outbound business and leisure travelers. The card which can hold five of the major currencies in the international market such as US$. Pound Sterling, Euros, French Francs and Singapore $.

CH17 Card holders enjoy special discounted rates on Commission on Bank charges

Throughout the year, card holders will enjoy privileges and facilities within Sri Lanka, from selected CH17 Retail agents, a facility available exclusively for BOC Multi-Currency Travelers Cardholders.

7. A convenient bank card exclusively for MotorPlus policy holders

Stop all your worries to pay annual Insurance Premiums for your motor vehicle in one go! Pay in easy monthly installments up to 12 months through a specially designed COMBANK MasterCard International card.

This program is ably supported by CH17 Loyalty- the managers of the most effective corporate loyalty program in the country. Most of your needs for automotive products and services at selected popular outlets is all yours at unbelievably discounted prices and rates.

8. A program to develop and support small scale salons and grooming services

With Sri Lanka Association of Hairdressers and Beauticians (SLAHAB) a joint effort to improve the standards of the young entrepreneurs in this sector island-wide.

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Testimonial by Chrishanthi Madugalle,
The efficient way the ch17 managing the project and the services is commendable. The flyers, promotion materials and the details of information are extremely reliable and facilitates us as organizations just to take and run the project, your cooperation and support is extremely commendable. I think the pricing for the services rendered was indeed reasonable and I would recommend this service to a friend too. In my view, in the general opinion, the Loyalty programs are a bit competitive with Ransalu. Thank you CH17 Loyalty Team
Chrishanthi Madugalle,
Deputy General Manager – Human Resources
Testimonial by Asite Talwatte,
I was very pleased to see an article in the Daily FT a few days ago about the launch of a privilege card for the apparel sector employees. I have no doubt this must be an initiative spearheaded by you and it’s a very timely initiative to recognize the services and loyalty of the large number of employees in the apparel sector who collectively contribute quite significantly to our economy. I do hope other sectors will learn from this initiative. Congratulations and best wishes.
Asite Talwatte,
Country Managing Partner

Our Milestones

  • 2013
    Formation of CH17 (Pvt) Limited as a limited in liability privately managed company
  • 2014
    Launch of Ransalu Combo Debit Card in collaboration with Commercial Bank of Ceylon and MasterCard International
  • 2016
    Introduced a new platform dedicated for services to micro small and medium entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka
  • 2016
    Launch of SME Branded Debit Card in collaboration with Commercial Bank of Ceylon and MasterCard International
  • 2017
    Introduced Sri Lanka’s first Sports Branded MasterCard for Golf (Nuwara Eliya Golf Club) with Commercial Bank of Sri Lanka
  • 2018
    Signed with Sri Lanka Insurance and Commercial Bank / MasterCard to launch a cobranded card with Loyalty facilities for MotorPlus policy holders
  • 2018
    Signing of Agreement with Sri Lanka Association of Software Services Companies (SLASSCOM) to introduce a Privilege Program for IT/BPM professionals
  • 2018
    Signed MOU with Sri Lanka Association of Hairdressers and Beauticians (SLAHAB) to engage small scale salons and spas for recognition and development of this sector
  • 2019
    Signed with Bank of Ceylon (BOC) for the introduction of a multi-purpose Travelers Card in collaboration with MasterCard International.

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