CH17 Loyalty Expands Cash Back Offers to Selected Non-Partner Merchants.

  • June 21, 2023

CH17 Loyalty, the renowned rewards program, has announced a significant expansion to its cash back offers, now including selected non-partner merchants. This move aims to provide greater value and flexibility to CH17 Loyalty members, enhancing their shopping experience and rewarding them for purchases beyond the program’s existing partner network.

CH17 Loyalty has been a leader in the rewards industry, offering an array of benefits to its members for their loyalty and engagement. Traditionally, these rewards were limited to partner merchants who had formed official collaborations with CH17 Loyalty. However, recognizing the evolving needs and preferences of its members, the program has decided to broaden its reach.

With this expansion, CH17 Loyalty members will have the opportunity to earn cash back rewards on eligible purchases made at selected non-partner merchants. These merchants have been carefully chosen to align with the interests and preferences of the program’s diverse member base. By venturing beyond the established partner network, CH17 Loyalty aims to provide a more inclusive and versatile rewards program.

This expansion represents a win-win scenario for both CH17 Loyalty members and the selected non-partner merchants. Members gain increased opportunities to earn rewards, while the non-partner merchants can tap into a broader customer base by attracting CH17 Loyalty members with enticing cash back incentives.

CH17 Loyalty remains committed to its existing partner network, and this expansion is not intended to replace or diminish those relationships. Instead, it serves as a complementary feature that extends the benefits of the rewards program to additional merchants, catering to the ever-changing consumer landscape.

With the introduction of cash back offers for selected non-partner merchants, CH17 Loyalty reaffirms its dedication to enhancing member satisfaction and providing a rewarding experience that extends beyond traditional boundaries. This move is poised to further solidify Ch17 Loyalty’s position as a leading rewards program, delighting members with even more opportunities to earn and redeem valuable rewards.

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