Focusses on EUDR compliance as deadline nears

As the deadline is set for December 31 2024, Sri Lankan rubber exporters will have to adopt to strict EU guidelines to ensure continued EU market access for specified products including rubber and all rubber-based commodities. In order to ensure that products exported to the EU will have EUDR certificate, the implementation process should start now

Ch17 Digital proudly announces the development of an innovative program designed to ensure seamless EUDR compliance for exporters. This cutting-edge solution is tailored specifically for the rubber and rubber-based product industry, enabling exporters to effortlessly meet the stringent new EU regulations.

With CH17 Digital’s program, exporters can confidently navigate the compliance landscape, ensuring their products meet all requirements and continue to thrive in the EU market.

The new compliance regulations will come into effect on December 31 this year. Sri Lanka was notified of the requirement to produce a Certificate of Compliance as early as March last year.

Exporters risk having their shipments rejected if they fail to produce the necessary compliance report, as stipulated by the EUDR communication.

Under EU law, any final rubber-based product, in any form, must originate from legally cultivated areas in the country of origin. The EU discourages deforestation and illegal land clearance to promote sustainable and responsible sourcing practices. This covers plantation such as coffee, cocoa, rubber, cattle, wood, palm oil, soy and their derivatives, regardless of the EU or non-EU origins of the material.

According to Jumar Preena CEO of CH17 Digital, the company is committed towards empowering Sri Lanka’s rubber industry through multi-model digital transformation.

Early this year CH17 together with Rubber Research Institute of Sri Lanka (RRI) launched a pilot project to recognize and reward selected rubber tappers who have been redesignated as Rubber Tapping Assistants. The RRISL launched a campaign themed “Kirithuru Abhiman” where in recognition of passing the NVQ Level 5 examination nearly 100 of these Tapping Assistants received certificates after intensive assessment of their skills. This reward scheme was supported by CH17 Loyalty.

CH17 is also working on developing a program to monitor worker performance and output through an on-line assessment module. This module will cover quality of work, conformity to set standards in tapping, commitment and dedication etc. This will encourage workers to be more diligent in their work and upscale the standard of rubber tapping techniques.

Another feature will be to “mark” every single rubber tree and in put data with regards to their age, yield, plant health, fertilizer application record, any diseases etc. These data will be fed in to a main base for analysis and report. Towards this we will develop a QR sticker which the plantation companies will have to stick on the tree. This is a huge process, we got to start from scratch, Jumar added


We plan to implement rewards driven programs where CH17 partner vendors will accept the Kirithuru Abhiman Privilege card and offer upfront cash discounts, cash-rewards, points schemes which will benefit these workers and their families on a daily basis.

We plant to invite companies in the retail business to join this program and help the once strong industry to get back to its past glory. (END)

GMOA members to get dual interface membership cards – Daily FT Newspaper.

  • CH17 Loyalty lends support with a digital loyalty platform

Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) and Ch17 Loyalty have entered into an agreement for the implementation of a dual interface membership card which is the Association’s first in 98-year history.

The proposed membership card can also be used as the members Privilege card which offers benefits from multiple merchants and vendors partnered with CH17 Loyalty. In addition, each cardholder will have access to a digital card and other features customised to the GMOA.

“CH17’s multi-vendor platform is one of a kind in the corporate loyalty space developed by our in-house development team,” CH17 Loyalty CEO Jumar Preena said.

“Our multi-functionality platform is designed to accommodate any complex loyalty schemes from the basic rewards point schemes to much more advanced customer authentication processes. We can provide solutions using QR, Barcode and card digit process without having an integration with the merchant’s POS system. This is an advanced process which could eliminate misuse or abuse or coupon codes by external as well as internal customers,” he emphasised.

GMOA membership can avail themselves of special discounts at CH17 partner merchants such as year-round cash discounts, and special seasonal offers.

“We are indeed privileged to be associated with the GMOA, which is one of the oldest professional bodies of medical professionals, which is nearly 98 years old to this date. I thank GMOA Secretary Dr. Haritha Aluthge for accepting our proposal to introduce our loyalty system linked to the GMOA Membership system which will add value in many ways to its members,” Jumar added.

Ch17 Loyalty plans to accommodate nearly 16,000 registered medical practitioners in the Government health services.

“This is our second project aimed at recognising the medical practitioners for their relentless services rendered to the public, the first program CARE where Ch17 Loyalty offered a similar welfare program to appreciate all levels of first responders in the state health sector during the COVID-19 outbreak which lasted for nearly two years and the entire health services were overwhelmed from 2020 to 2021. CARE was a program that recognised all grades of medical staff from attendants to drivers, minor staff to nurses and doctors.”

Also present at the event were GMOA Assistant Secretary Dr. Prabath Sugathadasa and Assistant Secretary Dr. Chamil Wijesinghe.


From Discount Card to SaaS Platform: CH17’s Remarkable Journey


Jumar Preena, founder and Chief Executive of CH17, recounts the extraordinary journey of his innovative loyalty programme platform, its impact and its unique approach to helping brands connect with consumers.

Can you share the story behind the inception of CH17 in 2013, from being a small start-up to where it is today, providing innovative loyalty solutions?

CH17 has evolved from a basic discount card scheme to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, emphasizing rewards, loyalty, and privileges across various sectors. 

My earlier career was in broadcast media, where the apparel industry approached me to develop a campaign to enhance the image of Sri Lanka’s apparel sector. To achieve this, I organized various activities like road shows, CSR programmes, and talent showcases to spotlight the accomplishments of apparel sector workers and integrate them into society. These efforts improved the sector’s image, but I realized we needed to create tangible benefits. 

I proposed a programme that united consumer goods and service merchants to provide discounts to apparel sector employees. Despite the challenge of serving a vast workforce, I gained the support of 25 factories and 450,000 employees, leading to my first entrepreneurial venture, the “Ransalu” programme. Ransalu offered workers and their families discounts that were previously exclusive to top corporate credit cardholders. While the concept was successful, it didn’t generate immediate revenue. However, I remained dedicated to its success because it benefitted more than a million people indirectly, the employees and their families.

Another pivotal moment was when I partnered with a bank in 2015 to introduce the first co-branded bank card. Soon after, private companies approached me to create similar programmes for their employees, expanding my market reach. I collaborated with technology experts to develop a digital platform that extended our services into the insurance sector, and we introduced Asia’s first insurance card directly tied to lifestyle benefits

My aim is to expand into the Micro SME segment by offering a free multi-functional digital platform for entrepreneurs to run on an e-commerce platform. I hope to reach a million micro and SME entrepreneurs through collaborations with various state agencies supervising this sector, financial institutions, insurance companies and telecommunications service providers. Empowering the nation’s entrepreneurs is my next big goal.

You describe CH17 as a medium between brands and communities. Can you explain how this approach works and the unique value it brings to businesses aiming to boost customer loyalty and brand success?

We don’t possess any physical assets or capital. Our core mission is connecting brands with communities, and this approach has been quite successful. My programme benefits both customers and retailers alike. Retailers naturally want customers to visit their showrooms, while customers seek discounts, a delicate balance we manage meticulously by devising a system that shares costs and earnings with merchant partners. For instance, besides cash discounts, CH17 also provides flash offers, sometimes as generous as a 40% discount, to please the retailer. While I’m not the one spending on these discounts, I still contribute to share the costs. Furthermore, we offer cashback as an additional benefit.

If, for any reason, a merchant fails to apply the agreed-upon discount despite the customer presenting their card, we’ve got it covered. Whether it’s due to a technological glitch or a new employee’s lack of knowledge, customers can forward the discounted component of their bill to us. We take care of everything, ensuring that customers are not left feeling frustrated or cheated.

What sets CH17 apart from traditional loyalty programmes, and how does the company envision its role in connecting brands with communities evolving in the future? 

Traditionally, retail businesses have relied on point-based loyalty programmes where customers must redeem points within a specified timeframe. However, more often than not, they go unused, and people tend to forget about them. I believe in offering tangible and immediate benefits, and here’s how my approach differs: I provide cash benefits, which are clear and straightforward. On top of that, if a particular retailer has their own points system, that’s fine too, and customers can accumulate points with them if they wish.

The traditional points scheme lures customers to return to the same business to redeem their points. It limits their choices and can be somewhat restrictive. In contrast, I prioritize the consumer’s freedom to choose. I want them to have the flexibility to go to any of my partner businesses and enjoy discounts without being tied down by accumulating points.

What’s unique about my platform is its adaptability. It can cater to various industries. For instance, even the construction industry has approached us, seeking a solution. The key here is flexibility and adaptability. Loyalty isn’t limited to a specific industry; it’s a universal concept, and CH17 is bespoke, multifunctional and scalable by design.

What are your goals, plans and vision for CH17? 

CH17 operates as a sole proprietorship with private equity liability, meaning it’s just me managing everything. However, I recognize the need to plan for succession because I can’t simply hand it over to my two adult children because they live abroad and sadly this is not their forte. Ideally, I’d like to partner with someone who shares my vision and possesses entrepreneurial skills. This way, the concept can continue to thrive and benefit both the retail industry and consumers. 

CH17 Loyalty Unveils Exclusive Card Schemes and Unbeatable Merchant Offers!

In a groundbreaking move, CH17 Loyalty, a leading loyalty program provider, has just launched a trio of exclusive card schemes designed to elevate customer benefits to a whole new level. These innovative card schemes, named “Classic,” “Prestige,” and “Platinum,” promise a range of exciting perks and rewards that are set to redefine the loyalty program landscape.


The CH17 Classic Card Scheme:

– Ideal for those starting their loyalty journey with CH17.

– Provides access to a wide range of merchant offers and discounts.

– Classic cardholders can enjoy numerous benefits while shopping and dining at their favourite outlets.


The CH17 Prestige Card Scheme:

– Tailored for customers seeking elevated privileges.

– Offers all the advantages of the Classic card, plus exclusive flash discounts and cashback rewards.

– Prestige cardholders can expect special treatment at partner merchants, ensuring every shopping experience is extraordinary.


The CH17 Platinum Card Scheme:

– The ultimate in luxury and exclusivity.

– Unlocks all the features of Classic and Prestige cards, and more.

– Platinum cardholders enjoy unmatched perks, such as priority access, concierge services, and the highest cashback rewards.


But that’s not all! CH17 merchants are stepping up their game by embracing all three card schemes, ensuring that their customers benefit no matter which card they choose. These establishments are set to offer incredible deals, discounts, and exclusive offers to CH17 cardholders, making every purchase an opportunity to save.


Some of the highlights of CH17 merchant offers include:

– **Flash Discounts:** Cardholders, especially those with Prestige and Platinum cards, can look forward to exclusive flash discounts that add even more value to their shopping experiences.

– **Cashback Offers:** CH17 has introduced cashback rewards for Prestige and Platinum cardholders, ensuring that loyal customers get money back in their pockets.

– **Inclusive Classic Card Offers:** Classic cardholders won’t be left out, as they also get access to numerous discounts and promotions at CH17-affiliated merchants.


With these innovative card schemes and unbeatable merchant offers, CH17 Loyalty is raising the bar in the loyalty program industry. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re seeking the epitome of luxury, CH17 has a card scheme tailored to your needs. Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy unparalleled benefits and savings at your favourite stores and restaurants.


Stay tuned for more updates on CH17 Loyalty and the exciting rewards that await its cardholders!

DirectPAY Powers with CH17

CH17 Loyalty Partners with Direct Pay as New Payment Gateway, Enhancing Customer Convenience and Security

CH17 Loyalty, a leading loyalty and rewards program, have announced a strategic partnership with Direct Pay, a renowned payment gateway provider. This collaboration marks an important milestone for CH17 Loyalty as it integrates Direct Pay’s secure and efficient payment processing capabilities into its platform, enhancing the convenience and security of transactions for its customers.

Recognizing the importance of seamless and reliable payment solutions in today’s digital landscape, CH17 Loyalty has carefully selected Direct Pay as its new payment gateway provider. With Direct Pay’s robust infrastructure and commitment to data security, CH17 Loyalty aims to streamline its payment processes and provide customers with a trusted and user-friendly payment experience.

Direct Pay’s payment gateway technology will enable CH17 Loyalty members to conveniently make payments for purchases, subscriptions, and other transactions within the loyalty program’s ecosystem. Whether redeeming rewards, purchasing exclusive products, or participating in loyalty promotions, customers can now enjoy a seamless payment process that is both efficient and secure.

The integration of Direct Pay’s payment gateway brings numerous benefits to CH17 Loyalty and its customers. The partnership ensures real-time transaction processing, reducing delays and enhancing the overall customer experience. Moreover, Direct Pay’s robust security measures safeguard sensitive payment information, instilling confidence among CH17 Loyalty members when making transactions.

By adopting Direct Pay as its payment gateway provider, CH17 Loyalty demonstrates its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and providing a secure and convenient loyalty program experience. The partnership allows both companies to leverage their expertise and industry knowledge, enhancing the value they deliver to their respective customers.

In light of this collaboration, executives from CH17 Loyalty and Direct Pay expressed their excitement about the partnership and its potential to revolutionize the loyalty and rewards landscape. They emphasized their shared commitment to customer satisfaction, data security, and continuous innovation, ensuring that CH17 Loyalty members have access to a reliable and seamless payment experience.

The integration of Direct Pay’s payment gateway into the CH17 Loyalty platform is expected to be completed in the coming months. The transition will be carefully executed to minimize any disruptions to existing services, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for CH17 Loyalty members.

21st of July 2023

CH17 Loyalty Expands Cash Back Offers to Selected Non-Partner Merchants.

CH17 Loyalty, the renowned rewards program, has announced a significant expansion to its cash back offers, now including selected non-partner merchants. This move aims to provide greater value and flexibility to CH17 Loyalty members, enhancing their shopping experience and rewarding them for purchases beyond the program’s existing partner network.

CH17 Loyalty has been a leader in the rewards industry, offering an array of benefits to its members for their loyalty and engagement. Traditionally, these rewards were limited to partner merchants who had formed official collaborations with CH17 Loyalty. However, recognizing the evolving needs and preferences of its members, the program has decided to broaden its reach.

With this expansion, CH17 Loyalty members will have the opportunity to earn cash back rewards on eligible purchases made at selected non-partner merchants. These merchants have been carefully chosen to align with the interests and preferences of the program’s diverse member base. By venturing beyond the established partner network, CH17 Loyalty aims to provide a more inclusive and versatile rewards program.

This expansion represents a win-win scenario for both CH17 Loyalty members and the selected non-partner merchants. Members gain increased opportunities to earn rewards, while the non-partner merchants can tap into a broader customer base by attracting CH17 Loyalty members with enticing cash back incentives.

CH17 Loyalty remains committed to its existing partner network, and this expansion is not intended to replace or diminish those relationships. Instead, it serves as a complementary feature that extends the benefits of the rewards program to additional merchants, catering to the ever-changing consumer landscape.

With the introduction of cash back offers for selected non-partner merchants, CH17 Loyalty reaffirms its dedication to enhancing member satisfaction and providing a rewarding experience that extends beyond traditional boundaries. This move is poised to further solidify Ch17 Loyalty’s position as a leading rewards program, delighting members with even more opportunities to earn and redeem valuable rewards.

Contact: , Phone: +94 112 734 552, Email: info@ch17.LK



MyBiz and MyConnect partner with CH17 Loyalty

MyBiz and MyConnect partner with Ch17 Loyalty for business promotion and merchant networking. CH17 Loyalty extends unprecedented privileges to its MemBERSHIP.

LOLC GENERAL INSURANCE partners with CH17 Loyalty

LOLC GENERAL INSURANCE partners with CH17 Loyalty for Rewards and Privilege schemes for motor insurance base. Partnership launch one-of-a-kind hybrid insurance card