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In a market full of schemes and programs developed with the objective to magnetizing customers towards a brand or increase foot falls towards the super store, an initiative that could genuinely offer tangible benefits to the public with no strings attached would be the real winner.Loyalty Cards, Privilege Memberships and so on are two of the most worn-out customer relations rollouts that we have seen in the recent past. The net result is that customer ends up with stacks of plastic cards in their already bulging wallet or purse without any clue as to who offers what.Therefore identifying your customer or a specific sector or group, to know his or her preference or choice and most importantly to understand their spending capacity are foremost in building a genuine customer relations platform. You got to reward them, offer
them something that could they reap the benefits then and there.

Nucleus Privilege is just about that!

Upfront discounts on purchases that will give the holder a price advantage could drive customers towards the brand by compulsion and by choice. In other words it is a “Members Only” loyalty scheme.Nucleus Privilege is a two-tier program that promises the Member Merchant a guaranteed footfall while assuring the Card member a definite price benefit. This is what the market was looking for.CH17’s association with the apparel sector of Sri Lanka which has a massive workforce of 350,000 with a further one million plus as extended family members was the launch-pad for this focused group loyalty cum privilege program.This iconic program has attracted some of the top brands in the market today who have identified the potential to truly build a loyal base of Customers with the least effort and minimal budgets. We’ve won the day!

Jumar Preena
Executive Officer

A veteran in the field with a little over 30 years combined experience directing PR and Marketing Communication - Jumar comes with highly relevant experience in both private & the public sectors.In 1979 he started his career as a cub-reporter with the Independent Newspapers, publishers of the once famous SUN and WEEKEND newspapers. That ended in 1982, cutting short his journalistic career in order to enter the government’s information service which lasted a little over a decade! In early 1995 Jumar cut his teeth as a “PR Man” during his tenure in PR and Corporate relations with Capital Maharaja Group the then the maharaja organisation (TMOL) and its media businesses Sirasa FM & TV, Yes FM &
MTV , which position he held until1998. Later he joined the rapidly developing telecom sector with Mobitel (Telstra) (1998 – 2002) and Hutchison Telecommunications (2004 – 2007) before proceeding to the UAE to work with Newsweek (UAE) gaining much experience and knowledge in Marcom related field (2007 – 2010).Sudden entry back to government information service in 2002 saw him head the Media and Marketing Division of the Ministry of Trade and Commerce for little over 2 years.He also headed the Bates Strategic PR – one of the leading corporate communication agencies in Sri Lanka, as its COO for one year (2011). Founded CH17 in the same year after he was entrusted with the task of spearheading a major employee retention & motivation drive for the largest single industrial employer in the country and the fastest growing contributor to the national economy, the globally acclaimed – Sri Lanka Apparel. Three years to-date, CH17 is figured as the only outsourced agency and the first among the Marcom fraternity to undertake the employee related loyalty program for a industrial sector covering a mammoth labor-force of 350,000 within the 278 plus factories in the 25 administrative districts in the country.

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